Saturday, June 13, 2009

Art House Co-op Atlanta, Georgia Airport Show

Orcas ~ 3x3 Acrylic

Shield ~ 3x3 Acrylic

Globe ~ 3x3 Acrylic

This is my favorite.

The Art House Co-op in Atlanta, Ga. has a sweet deal with the Atlanta Airport. They have lots of projects going. This is for the Canvas Project 2. They have given 1000 people 5 words as inspiration to paint onto 3x3 canvases to be displayed at the Airport (can be for sale) for one month. My words are Orcas, Shield, Globe, Levitate and Derail. I have finished these three so far and have levitate and derail to go. Oh, and at least one of my paintings will be published in an Art House Book! The link will of course lead to their site where you can click on "Projects", under the word "Opportunities" in the banner across the top. Give them a look, you may see something you want to participate in, it is open to all kinds of artists, and photographers and even object art.


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Dottie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ said...

Love your painting's great work.
Would love to see a beautiful teal dolphin bet you could do one that would be beautiful. how much would you ask for a double dolphin painting I love them and Have them in our living room. have a great day and weekend.
~ God Bless~
Hugs :o)

Bonnielynn said...

What a great project to work on. I love things that streeeeeetch my imagination and using 5 different words to apply as paintings is really neat.

Barbra joan said...

OMGosh Chris, I am so happy for you to be doing this,,, you have so much talent,,, make sure you spread it around as much as possible!

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...

Love the orcas! Your shading and shadowing are fabulous!

Chuck Dilmore said...

wow - congratulations!
and beautiful job on these!