Friday, March 27, 2009

En Plein Air

Grant Ranch - En Plein Air Painting with friends.
Julie, Aleena and I went hiking, took lots of photos
and had an artsy time. Even the kids had journals
to draw in and played with the pastels. Look at the shadows in the picture below.
We are going to do this again!!!


Dave said...

I like your photos and I agree the shadows are brilliant. As for composition the bottom one works well as the eye flows with both the trees and the road so you journey through the frame. The top one though is my favorite although I may have cropped in a bit more so that the zig zag path started the frame. You have a very good eye and will look forward to seeing the paintings, and yes feel free to paint the girls.

Christine's Arts said...

Thanks!!!! for all your comments, Dave.

Nancy and the fatties said...

Christine, how cool! it looks like you had a really successful day. what a great area for outdoor painting.
I have an award on my bloggy for you!
many hugs....