Thursday, March 26, 2009

Art in the New Economy - an article for artists has free articles for artists and collectors that cover the whole business of art. They offer services and consulting too. Appraisals of your art is one of their services. I thought some of you may be interested in giving this site a look. There is so much info that I had to bookmark it so I can check back again and again. Just click on the link.

Here is a quote: "The upshot? You as an artist have to dedicate yourself to creating the absolute best art you can possibly create. You've got to look beyond yourself, think seriously about what you want to communicate and about how you intend to effectively get those points across, however arcane or concrete they may be. Work hard, work daily, be productive, embrace quality, and commit yourself to prevailing as an artist regardless of the adversity of the circumstances. By approaching your discipline with consummate dedication and seriousness, you maximize your chances for success. It's that simple and no more complicated."

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