Sunday, March 29, 2009

Old Oak Tree

This painting was done from photo's I took while on a hike with family in the South San Jose hills.
I scanned it and bits were cut off from the scan but you are seeing most of it.
Thank you Nancy Medina for giving me this art award! I'm honored to receive it from such a wonderful artist who has a huge passion for painting.

This award asks you to list seven things you are passionate about, and share the award with other passionate artist friends:

I am passionate about:
1. My husband, Frank
2. My 5 children
3. My friends
4. My faith
5. ART!!
6. Improving my art
7. Playing

I'd like to share this award with these wonderful artists. Please visit their sites and see what they have been up to. (But, the instructions don't specify how many artists to award) Soooo:

Barbra Joan - for her watercolors and pencil drawings that are amazing
Filomena - for her abstract art
Bonnie Lynn - for her love of sea life
Tracy Host - for her use of color
Y. Wang - for her still life paintings
Vermillion - for beautiful silk scarves
Susan Webb - for pushing the boundaries


wangfineart said...

Beautiful painting! Christine.
I'm so happy to receive the award from you. Really appreciate it! This is the second time I recieve this award from fellow artists! I'm really honored!

Barbra joan said...

Christine , I am so touched that you would honor me with this award. I;m here to pick it up and proudly put it on my blog. Thank you ever so much.

Uniquely Myself said...

Hello Christine. I really love this oak tree - you did a lovely job! Sandra

r garriott said...

My goodness! How do you find time to paint?

Great links you are providing, thanks!

Christine's Arts said...

I have to Make time to paint. Two kids are in school and two have graduated and one is a cabinet maker but, I am pulled in many directions.

Dottie said...

Your Art work is very lovely Just beautiful !
I love how you listed the things you are Passionate about. you have it all in the right order.
God Bless you .
Hugs. : )
♥ ♥ ♥

Chuck Dilmore said...

wow - this is nearly photographic!
just beautiful!


Bonnielynn said...

I guess that I have been out of touch for awhile, because I just went to my own blog and read your comments and saw the award you bestowed on me !! I am truly honored, ...thank you very much !
I will try to live up to this award and get myself back on track again with my painting.
(now, being computer illerate, how do I transfer the award to my blog ??)