Wednesday, March 7, 2012

We started this day with a contour drawing.  I drew from left to right, in one continuous line.  The woman on the left is wearing a glove, because the charcoal is so messy.  That's why her hand looks so funny.  We had to work quickly and when the time is up, we have to stop. Therefore, no legs. :)

 This model was strong, and even though he only had to hold this pose for 1 minute he was shaking toward the end of that minute.

Look at that!!!  Our teacher made us draw with our left hand, if right handed, and right hand if a lefty.  Everyone did a pretty good job.  I was amazed.  She said that drawing with your 'other' hand helps your creative right brain to kick in.  She was right.  After this exercise many of the students in the class did the rest of their drawings with their left hand.  Including me when I felt that I got stuck. 

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