Friday, March 2, 2012

Warm ups!

Looks like a dancing boxer......

The model brought some props, like this stool, to class this day. 

This was my favorite of his poses.  Too bad it was only a 30 second drawing. I still really like it.  Proud as a Peacock!

For each class one of our warm ups is to draw one of the other students across the room in a cross contour manner, we could only look at our paper 50% of the time and could not lift our pencil.  Next time I will add some photos of the 20 minute drawings.

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Dottie said...

Hi there Christine:
Oh my your art pieces have just excelled in such a positive manner I always loved your work but now I love it even more I am still hooked on your girl on a swing in that beautiful Tree. I say your now post and had to stop by and comment and thank you for all your beautiful comments you leave for me. Hope all is well.
~ God Bless ~