Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hey all!  I have been staring at this bright cherry tree for some time.  Did it really quick, alla prima.  It's kinda a good background.  Then, while leafing through a mag. I ran across an add of a girl swinging from a rope.  I have drawn her in over my cherry tree lightly in pencil.

Here, I have given her arms and feet, a head and will fine tune later.  Now for her dress:

I'm starting to like this.  I love fabric with all of it's folds, and I love the shadows of white fabrics.

Let's give her something to hold on to, K?

and something for her feet, too.

Her gnarly swinging branch is shaping up too.  I also lightened up the tree in the background, to make it look farther away.  It was too harsh before.  I'll post an update on her next week, since I won't be getting to her until Friday.


Dottie said...

very Nice I was wondering what happened to you I hope all is fine.. ~God Bless~
Hugs :o)

Irina said...

It is so colorful and sunny here, in your blog. I like the process, how the painting, started as tree turned into this beautiful lady)).
What is it? Acrylic? Oil? And what is the size?
And thank you for following my blog, I have the page "Links" - you can find there huge amount of great blogs and list of challenges, too.

Dottie said...

I love this painting it is so beautiful. I wish I had it for our granddaughters room it looks so very playful.... your so talented I can wait to see it all finished..
Thanks for stopping by my blog. do take care.
Hugs Dottie

suzanne cabrera said...

Nice! So whimsical and springy! That cherry blossom reminds me of cotton candy...which I LOVE!

Dottie said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and your lovely comments you leave for me.
I love this Painting this is just beautiful ~! do keep stopping by I love when you visit... again thanks for your visit. ~
~ God Bless ~

Virginia Floyd said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I had to come over and see what you are doing.

The fabric in her dress is gorgeous! Is this acrylic?

Shelley Whiting said...

Your art is very dreamlike and whimsical. I love how soft and delicate your style is.