Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm making jewelry this week.

There is a Holiday Boutique in Saratoga, Ca. coming up at Villa Montalvo.  The mansion on the hill.  You can park at West Valley College and take a free shuttle up to the Villa, Fri. Sat. and Sunday.  I'll be there with some art and jewelry.  Here are a few pieces I've made recently.

Handmade copper beads and jasper

Art glass, pearls, jasper, clay, sandstone, and matching earrings.

Turquoise, wood, and black glass beads
I've been at it for several days.  I forgot how much fun I have making jewelry, it's been a while because I have mostly been painting this year.  Well, back to work!!!  and thanks for looking.


April said...

maybe I'll drop by to say hello :)

Christine's Arts said...

that would be great April!

Sue said...

Beautiful jewelry Christine!!!! Wish I lived closer. If there are any sets left please post. I'd be interested.

Christine's Arts said...

The show was a lot of fun, great group of people who put on the holiday Yuletide Marketplace at Villa Montalvo. But, I was one of the outdoor vendors and the weather turned very cold and rainy. This kept a lot of shoppers home and everyone saw a sales decrease compared to last year.

In case you are interested:

The Copper Necklace/Earring set $78
The Clay/Stone/Glass/Copper set $78
The Turquoise Neck/Earring set $75

Shipping in the U.S. $3

Drop me a line and we can discuss arrangements. I hope to open a new store soon, and, I am working on it. 1000 Markets just closed it's doors and I don't even have an email from them as to why etc.

Also, I can change out the ear wires for anyone with sensitive ears. Thanks, again.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Dottie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ said...

beautiful your doing beautiful work. I wanted to let you know I have started yet another blog please come and visit leave me a message and please become a follower. my hubby bought me a cricket cutter so I will be busy making cards and altering things. I will need to re-stock my craft area for this now but I am sure in no time I will be ready to go a little here and a little there and I will have all my supplies.
come visit
I am hoping this one will take off.
~ God Bless ~

Barbra Joan said...

Chris, I had no idea your such a talented jewlery artist,, these are gorgeous. I don't wear jewelry like this but I wish you luck in selling them.. I woud think for someone who likes jewelry these would be it!! good luck !

Diana said...

Hope your show went well, Christine! It's great that you have found yet another art form to excell at. Great job!


Ralph said...

beautiful work Christine I particularly liked the colours of the bottom one it looks a bit like weathered copper so natural. Talented lady indeed.