Thursday, April 16, 2009

Well, this photo is a bit blurry but, it is a work in progress. The underpainting is acrylics and I wish I had been taking photos of the process. But, now I am using oils to fine tune it. And, some of the canvas is still showing, so it isn't completely under painted.
I need a faster camera or something, so I can take a good photo without a flash. Or, take it outside. But it was wet and I couldn't wait to show you.


Dottie said...

It looks Good so far but I am sure it will be just wonderful when your all done. I will be back to see your Finished product.
Hugs, : )

Dottie said...

Also: I have a special note on my blog, I am asking for a prayer circle. So if you would be so kind please Pass this on to your followers as well and Please jump over to my Blog.
Thank you and God Bless.

angeltreats said...

Hi Christine, this is really super. I can't wait to see it finished. Also Cody is very talented and I'd love to see more of his work too!

Barbra joan said...

Christine, so colorful and full of life already. I want to see it when its done.

Dottie Seubert said...

The Finished product is just Great and the little mouse is just adorable .
Hugs ; }

Gary Keimig said...

this is looking great. Fun and clorful. You have some really interesting things going in your blog.
Good work and kep it up.
God bless

Charlene Celio said...

So the games begin on #2 in the series! Yea!!!!!!!

Charlene Celio said...

Ok, Michael from down under suggested juggling a cat and a mouse too. What do you think?...