Sunday, April 5, 2009

How about a kids art blog.

What do you think of my hosting a blog or website just for kids to display their artwork? After seeing your comments on the previous post, Cody immediately got his drawing journal out to show me more work I could publish. Do any of you have kids who like to draw or paint? This way they could all check one site and make comments and see their art online.....Got any ideas? I took a quick check and didn't see anything like it. We could have challenges for them....Hmmmm.. just thinking.... could be a lot of work or none at all. If your kids think it's a good idea, send some pics my way to get started already.


Dottie said...

I think that would be Wonderful. kids need people to help them! today's world is not like when I was a child safe, and family's being close. kids use to be able to go outside and play and parents didn't have to worry this world is not like that any more so doing something like this would be wonderful and safe for the kids. And they would have something to be very proud of.
they maybe future students for
PRAT UNIVERSITY in NY. good luck with this again I think it would be wonderful.
Hugs, : )
♥ ♥ ♥

Carol said...

I think it would be great to encourage kids who have creative talent ~ but would would like to see Cody's work still highlighted on your blog also ~
I don't have any young kids ~ just two babies, niece and nephew ~ so can't help there ~ but go for it ~ have his own blog? Hi Cody ~ way to go >>>>>>>>>

Christine's Arts said...

I think it would be wonderful too.

r garriott said...

I think it's a great idea and I would go see.

r garriott said...

Christine, Thanks for sending your friend Deborah to my blog! That was sweet of you. I don't have kids myself but will try to send some people over who I know have creative kids.

Sheila said...


Charlene Brown said...

I think this is a great idea, Christine! If you're looking for specific challenges, may I suggest floor plans and maps -- or my grandchildren the only kids who do these)

Dottie said...

A Very Happy Easter.
Once again We will be having a full house and table for Easter, All of our Family and close friends will be here for Easter Breakfast and Dinner. It is always wonderful to have everyone together for the Holidays.
And I would like to wish all of my Followers and Friends a Very Happy and Blessed Easter, I am very Blessed to have you all as Friends and Followers on my Blog.
You are all so very Sweet. It has been My pleasure getting to know each and everyone of you.
Thank You
God Bless:

; )

Charlene Celio said...

Yes! Great idea! I think my daughter might like it if there are challenges involved.

gourdshine said...

There is one website schools and home -schoolers use.. very cool Artsonia.. you can even order quality items with your child's art work on them.. check it out.. great idea..

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