Friday, May 15, 2015

Art Shows and Home Parties

Handwoven baskets and rainsticks

Handmade art glass beads, gold filled accents and magnetic clasp. Pewter dragonfly.

East Valley Artists is a 55 member strong club that enters and puts on art shows and now some of us want to have a chance to be part of the home party scene.  Like a Crystal party, or Tupperware, we are looking for Hostesses to open their homes for an all handmade unique experience.  We'll be handing out brochures with more information at our next open studio show.  Here are pics depicting some of the talent of our members.

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cathyswatercolors said...

wonderful idea-home party with wine? jazz it up by putting on a bit of painting too? best of luck. btw the button rings are great. I have also seen buttons glued on top of small boxes,stacked in quirky fashions some boxes were antique-it was very cool.