Monday, September 12, 2011


     What an emotional day yesterday.  I went to a service at the San Jose Giants Municipal Stadium.  Members of the Military, Police Dept., Fire Dept., Emergency responders, the city council and  Mayor Reed were there and the family members of one of the victims of the Colorado flight that went down.  Three pastors from three of the local churches took part too.  People had written poems, a song, and prayers for the memorial. We saw the dreaded videos of that terrible day, and a young man in uniform played taps.  An ABC 7 news woman, Karina, was the MC and she did a fantastic job. Afterwards they handed everyone a bag lunch and then some people made a film as tribute on youtube to thank all of the heroes who risked and/or lost their lives on that day that changed the world, you can view it here   .

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Barbra Joan said...

Chris, I'm glad that you took part in that service ,, I have been sad all week leading up to 9/11,
We have a family member who is a retired (now) firefighter and was there .. We should never forget and thats why I wrote a post about it on my blog.. hugs , BJ