Friday, October 22, 2010

Painting with a friend today!

       Today's workspace was a little bigger than a TV tray.  These are three 5x7's I worked on.  I usually use an easel, but, on such a small painting....... ~ I still should have ~ Oh my aching neck.
      Here is a close up of the tree in fog.  Reworked from a previous painting.  These colors are more true than in the photo at the top.  I painted with Charlene at her house today.  Below is the acrylic she is working on.  A commission job.  She is using a small cutout of the gazebo for placement purposes in the background.  You'll be able to see the finished piece soon on her blog, and a pic with her in it too.


Barbra Joan said...

Hi Chris, thanks for the comment. I often wonder if I should try my hand at oils again.
As for you And Char, wow you two busy litte beavers, I wish I were right there with you both.. how would I not be inspired??
As for chars work I saw on her blog and weve written back and forth on that piece... I love it... the other thing are you working with oils, acrylics.?
here is my em.. addy in case you ever want to write directly to me...some of these things have OUtlook Express. which I don't have.
bye for now.. keep on working ...


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Good for you. Just jump in there and do it.
Do pick up some decent brushes though, they make quite a bit of difference in the ease of working and the finished painting.