Tuesday, September 28, 2010


You have all heard me blog about my headaches. I've been dealing with daily headaches that last for hours. Pain meds weren't helping. I was eating less and less sugar and salt, drinking more water, eliminating sugar substitutes etc. and they were getting worse! and my blood pressure was going up! Then, I started walking around in a fog and getting light headed. What happened?
I was smelling something funny for the last several months and didn't realize the culprit was a brush cleaner I had purchased online. A brush cleaner that said it was earth and skin friendly. (not air friendly, though) When I finally removed the cleaner from my art room ~ wa la!!! No more headaches and I am slowly coming out of the fog. I feel better every day. My art room? was also my bedroom. I was sleeping with the stuff. It wasn't exactly in a closed bottle, it's a pump dispenser, and just enough fumes were escaping to cause all these problems. Marianne's Brush and Hand Cleaner. I love the stuff! Best hand and brush cleaner I've used. Just don't sleep with it....... Okay, I feel dumb, but just in case anyone else is going through the same thing. Just thought I'd let you know.


Sue said...

This is vital information Christine. I hope you let the manufacturer know about it!!!!

Carol said...

Such wonderful creations! It is Fall in MA so I am blog hopping to some of my favorites! hugs and namaste, ~ c~z

Bonnielynn said...

Im so glad that you found the culprit. Let the manufacturer know what has happened. It could be a bad batch that they need to recall.
I can sympathize with your headaches, becuz I have been plagued with migrained since the 5th grade, and Im 60 now ! They can make me vomit, cry in pain and just be plain miserable for hours or days. Seems sometimes that the only solution is a gun to the head, but I keep on going.

Anonymous said...

Oh you poor dear..suffering at your own 'clean' hands! yikes....headaches are no fun to deal with!

now you can sleep and create in a healthy environment!

ciao bella!