Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A few friends and I are spending Tuesdays driving to nearby parks, cities, etc. and clicking to our hearts content. Today was a misty and rainy day in San Juan Bautista. Hardly any shops were open, so we had small relief from the wet. We went to the Mission and tomorrow I will upload some of the pics I took there. These two pictures were taken last week on my way home from our last excursion.


Sheila said...

I am so glad you stopped by Christine! Blogger had a glitch and I was dumped from many of the followers groups. I'm glad to read about your sister doing so well. I'm looking forward to taking on 2010 with blogger pals like you!

Dana Marie said...

Thank you again, for sharing your gorgeous tree photo! There was so many beautiful entries!

BTW, if you have an entry you can always add it to the corresponding they are never truly closed.

Again, thank you! :)

~ Dana Marie

Christine's Arts said...

Thank you Dana! I am going to paint this one and get it onto the site "Inspiration all around us." I love everyone's rendition of the photo. You should all go take a look.