Friday, March 13, 2009

Hot Air Balloon Rides

As promised. No water in sight. 24x36 Oil on Canvas. (The whole painting isn't shown here.) Reminds me of Morgan Hill, Ca.


Barbra joan said...

This is amazing work Christine. I love the subject too. I used to live in Fremont, Ca. and we would go up to Napa Valley where there were big balloon festivals. I've always loved that sight.

Delgrande Designs said...

Yes , up , up & away in your beautiful balloons ! How whimsical and happy these are !

I want to thank you for awarding me the blog award . It's beyond me right now how to upload, (R) click ...

Maybe you can help me at another time ?


Dave said...

From the tranquil serenity of the secluded cave to the freedom of the four winds. Fantastic work, you keep amazing me. Well done Christine


LSaeta said...

Lovely painting my dear. Such vibrant colors!