Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Wooo Hooo!!!

Wooo Hooo!

Look what I did! I added a slide show. They are free. Just click on the smilebox icon. It's not my undersea painting.. but that one isn't finished yet. Try it!


Barbra joan said...

Christine, You are sooo clever, see thats all it takes just a little "GO FOR IT GIRL" now lets see if this gets posted.

Love the Ordinary said...

Seems a lot easier then posting images and resizing and fooling around with all that hassle....neat resolvement. ^^

Sheila said...

Hi Christine! I love the slideshow. So much nicer because you narrate how you've painted that awesome lotus blossom. I love how you are not set on a couple of subjects. Your wildlife paintings are wonderful and I do emotionally relate to "Alone not Lonely".

Barbra joan said...

Christine, here is the link for the signature. ... I have a heck of a time ever time I want to post it, Its that click/paste thing that gets me every time. But go on there you don't have to register, just start then also Let the wizard do it for you. let me know if you get stuck I may be able to help out.

Erika Nelson said...

HI Christine thanks so muchfor visiting my blog I appreciate your visits and input! I love your landscapes, they have a dreamy qualty! It's so hard for me to paint them.