Sunday, February 8, 2009

I started with an outline of swirls and curliques and looked for a picture within. The first thing I saw was the hat and feet of the jester. Getting his awkward body shape was fun and then I added flooring and background swirls for the wall. Then I saw a throne shape forming and refined that a bit, adding a King and Queen. And, no matter how grand a castle is I think there has got to be a mouse problem.


Charlene Celio said...

Love the color, pattern, uniqueness, and whimsy of this painting! It makes me want to laugh too! Thank you for posting it!

Love the Ordinary said...

So playful, I think this would be a very pretty illustration for a child's book.

Charlene Celio said...

and lets get started with prints and cards on this one and the second one that's coming in the series.